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 "Most folk are as happy as they make up their minds to be"

Abraham Lincoln

Personal Coaching - What will you achieve?

If you have goals, dreams and aspirations, you’ve probably got a list ready; or you may just feel that there must be more to life than more of the same.

The good news is that you’ve started exploring the possibilities – or you wouldn’t be reading this now!

If you are ready to make some changes you’re probably going to need help.  Personal Coaching offers an objective approach that will help you establish the destination you want to arrive at and the best possible route to get there.  You can choose face to face coaching (if geography permits) or telephone/skype  coaching.

Let’s look at some of the things that get people off the starting blocks:

  • What has lack of confidence or self belief stopped you achieving?
  • What are you passionate about, but don’t have time for, or haven’t explored yet?
  • Do you know what your life’s purpose is – and what are you doing to achieve it?
  • What are you tolerating or putting up with?
  • What will you look back on and regret not doing with your life?

This is not a definitive list, but you may find one or more of these resonates with you.  If you’d like to take action, but don’t know where to start, or are worried about what might happen if … please call +61 447 286 598 or contact me by email  and let’s explore the possibilities of the most exciting and rewarding year you’ll ever have!

If you are thinking, I probably can't afford this, then let me reassure you, the hourly rate for Personal Coaching is $190 with packages available and when you think how much you can spend on an evening out with your friends, I am sure you will appreciate, making this investment in your future is better value!

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I lacked self belief and had a habit of putting things off; also my family life was not as good as it could be. As a result of our excellent and challenging sessions ...Read more >>

Elaine, Business Manager, Melksham.

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