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"In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia"

Author Unknown

Coaching Testimonials

Sharon was recommended to me to provide management coaching for my workshop manager. With a very busy workshop, the day to day managing and running duties can often be put second when there are so many deadlines to achieve. Sharon has helped my manager to effectively improve the running, production, staff training and motivation within the workshop together with other managerial related skills. Within a month my manager has shown a marked improvement of his understanding and responsibility as a manager and how to approach and address management issues. One to one coaching has certainly enabled this employee to develop his personal approach to achieve the goals required. I am pleased with the results undertaken within a manageable timescale and consider this to be a good investment strategy.
Nicholas Wylde Goldsmiths Ltd

"Working with Sharon has enabled me to get my career moving, which has meant I've been able to improve and enhance my influencing and selling skills. I have far better communication skills than ever before and I have been able to put together a much stronger CV, which can only help to further enhance my career."

Paul Lindsey, Timsbury

"As a small business owner, I felt out of my depth when taking on a new employee. Things were so busy that I let some important business matters slip.  Coaching sessions with Sharon helped me a huge amount, I have clearer paths to follow, which is making my business life a lot easier.  I feel a more relaxed person as everything is more under control and I am no longer taking my business problems back home with me."
Lucy Coad, Square Pianos, Chippenham.

I worked with Sharon Nicholl because I lacked self belief and had a habit of putting things off; also my family life was not as good as it could be. As a result of our excellent and challenging sessions, I am better organised and I now actually do things rather than talk about them. Also my family life is so much better. I would certainly recommend Sharon to my friends and colleagues.
Elaine, Business Manager, Melksham.

After my time with Sharon, I was surprisingly able to appreciate the positives in my current situation whereas before I was hating it! To date, I have achieved a management qualification and have plans for further study. From Sharon, I gained focus and support (when I was in a panic) to produce a job interview presentation, which was rated 'excellent'.

Joan, Bath

My coaching sessions with Sharon have been of tremendous personal value. We have discussed my progress so far, but I can clearly see that I have come a long way over the months and I feel that with Sharon’s excellent coaching skills, I have a much more optimistic and positive outlook on life and the working environment. This wasn’t always the case, but Sharon has continually endeavoured to be objective, encouraging and supportive, enabling me to move out of my comfort zone, challenging my beliefs and moving forwards. I have complete trust in Sharon and her abilities and I believe that this is reflected in the progress I have made.
Belinda, Middle Manager, Pewsham

From my time with Sharon, I have really benefitted from reframing my situation, options and future plans.  I have gained confidence in believing that I can adopt a more positive approach and this has been extremely valuable.

Tina Mobsby, Nursing Consultant, Dorset

I had a career move recently, which has made my sessions with Sharon even more productive. I needed to change my views and attitude and develop new techniques. We set a number of achieveable goals at the end of each session and these have kept me focused. Perfect timing!
Stuart, Sales Manager, Bath

Without Sharon’s encouragement and empathy during our sessions together, I would not have achieved my goals as quickly, if at all.
Gwen, HR Officer, Corsham

A coaching session with Sharon is like having coffee with a friend. It’s not until I walk away and go over the session that I realise the hard work I have put in. Recently Sharon has helped me look at evaluating the service I provide to my customers and this has led to attracting two further clients! Sharon helps you realise your full potential and gives you the confidence to ‘go for it’. I would recommend Sharon/Nicholl Consultancy to anybody wanting to improve their personal and/or business goals.
Hilary, Reiki Master, Melksham

You really make a difference,
The children tell us so,
You can see the sparkle in their eyes
From being in the know …
“Today is when my Coach Sharon comes,
Especially for me,
And for a while I open up
And let my worries free!”

Headmaster, St Paul’s School

Sharon is an experienced Life & Corporate Coach and is currently volunteering at Julian House Homeless Charity, offering clients from a variety of projects a series of coaching sessions. This is a very new service being offered to our service users and so far has been really successful.
Sarah, Volunteer Coordinator, Julian House

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"Sharon has worked with me as an Associate for a number of years and is an outstanding coach - experienced, committed, enthusiastic and, best of all, successful in helping her clients achieve their personal and professional goals. She is equally impressive as a trainer, consistently achieving superb ratings and feedback from delegates on her workshops.  I recommend Sharon wholeheartedly as a top quality trainer and coach"

Jennifer Hampson, Baxter Associates Ltd

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