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“Commitment to improving the organisation is embedded with commitment to improving the people within it"

Peter Seng

Executive Coaching - Life at the Top

Whether you’re already at the top or it’s where you aspire to be, you’re probably already an achiever.  However, most people find there’s a flipside to this, there may be times when you experience challenges and self doubt or sometimes you simply need a sounding board.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development survey revealed that the top 6 areas people wanted executive and/or personal coaching in were:

  • 53% sought to develop a skill
  • 40% sought to improve their performance
  • 34% wanted to increase their confidence
  • 34% wanted to develop their career or set their career vision
  • 30% wanted to further develop their leadership style
  • 21% wanted support or time to think or reflect

Do any of these ring bells for you?

Whether you’re looking for

  • Executive coaching as the leader of an organisation
  • Support and development for individual members of your team
  • Leverage for your high fliers to outperform even their own expectations
  • The means to get a team to ‘jell’ and work together more effectively
  • Or a personal navigation system to get you where you want to be

All you need to do is to pick up the phone and let’s find out what you and your people can achieve with the right kind of objective support and guidance.  The ‘magic’ number is +61 447 286 598 or you can contact me by email  for more information. 

A variety of price packages are available for Executive Coaching depending on the requirement, so please contact me for details.

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I had a career move recently, which has made my sessions with Sharon even more productive. I needed to change my views and attitude and develop new techniques. We set a number of achievable goals at the end of each session and these have kept me focused. Perfect timing!

Stuart, Account Manager, Bath


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